Who Is Young Lord Eisen

Who is Papo? SKS? So many questions!

About Us & Our History

Miami born & raised, the Young Lord has always had a knack for studying and perfecting anything he puts his mind too. Whether it was playing the saxophone at a young age, to writing songs, to rapping and composing songs on top of school work and his other random hobbies, Eisen at times doesn't seem to feel satisfied after completion or mastery.

The beautiful thing about practice is that it truly prepares you for the moment of performance. I don't think we'll ever truly reach our peak because the perfect performance could only be followed by death.

Since 2016, he in a bizarre collaboration with his co-existing producer entity Young Lord SKS have cultivated 2 mixtapes, 6 albums and 2 beautifully crafted compilation albums along with his longtime friends and collaborators BlackPolaBare, HiKick, and more! And Rap is just the beginning for the enigmatic young man, as he ascends into what he calls the "Papo Phase", the excitement for new sub genres within his self-proclaimed "Pyramid Music" universe could be the key to what truly excites a new generation of creators into the next wave.

What Can I Currently Do?

The proto-typical portfolio page is too outdated, but for those curious as to what I can do on a professional level..

Expert Media Composer

Years of playing the saxophone (amongst other instruments in marching & jazz band), as well as composing in my high school years through college tenure has given me ample hours of experience to cultivate complete scores and arrangements for visual media; I've created motifs for short films and TV shows alike, and within the next 2-3 years intend to expand this knowledge through the gaming and VR world.

Phenomenal Audio Specialist

For most of my college studies, my fascination and interest in understanding the complexity of audio quality and acoustic development allowed me to pair my composing skills with 5+ years of Audio Engineering experience. Becoming a Pro Tools Certified Operator in both Music and Post Production isn't just enough; mixing and mastering quality recordings and compositions create a beautiful experience for everyone!

Expert Business Strategist

While the creative efforst and endeavors can develop quite the ear (all puns intended),it can't go anywhere without a sense of direction matched with discipline. These traits helped shape a career in helping others with invigorating ideas reach their true potential in expanding and developing thier businesses. From creative companies Skybox Recordings and The Wildflower Portfolio, to more reserved societies like the Haus or PRS Papers, with the proper drive in the right direction businesses flourish under the Young Lord's assistance.

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